debra ojumu



Debra Ojumu is one of eight children born to Caribbean parents.

For several years, she was employed as a co-presenter for BBC black community radio and also worked as an event organiser for one of the UK’s largest Afro-Caribbean carnivals. 

A former teacher, she later became a trade unionist and was the UK’s first black regional officer representing union members. 

Inspired by their young son Julian, she and her husband Peter, founded Skin I'm In, after relocating to Australia from London.  


"Wanting to help Julian and children like him to not feel inferior because of the colour of their skin spurred us to create an environment where there was a sense of belonging and pride amongst the African diaspora. To celebrate black excellence and unite our community through a common purpose so that children within our diaspora had an abundance of positive and accessible role models in their lives, who looked like them," - Debra Ojumu


With a passion for equality and diversity, Debra also decided to put her knowledge of the modelling industry to good use by creating Skin+Pepper Model and Film, a boutique agency based in Melbourne, representing black talent of the African Diaspora. 

Debra is well-travelled, having lived in many countries. She has been a resident of Australia since 2005.