Amadu Koroma

Business owner, personal trainer, semi-pro soccer champion
Let’s talk fitness, motivation and community

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q: How long have you been a personal trainer and what got you started?

A: What led me to becoming a personal trainer was my passion for soccer and sports.  At high school I made the decision to become a trainer and embarked on my first Personal Training work experience. When I finished school I received a scholarship to advance my personal training career and have now been a registered trainer for 6 years.


q: How do you motivate clients who have hit a brick wall with their fitness and on the brink of giving up?

A: Every journey we embark on in life comes with challenges. I always tell my clients that patience and consistency are the key to their success.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and with every step we are challenged.  We need to welcome challenges because without challenges we cannot unlock our mental and physical potential to become more than the norm.  Challenges gives us purpose.  Self-transformations start from the mind and by focusing on small changes daily you'll get to your destination


q: We have heard you describe AK Fitness as a community. Please explain.

A: One of my future goals is for AK Fitness to engage and partner with local councils to help mentor disadvantage kids within the community, from all backgrounds. My motto of ‘connect’ is the foundation to empower the young and old. 


q: What’s included in your program?

A: Every client receives an external training program that focuses on strength and conditioning to improve bone density, weight loss and overall fitness.  Clients are given a nutrition plan that encourages them to eat whole foods to ensure that they are eating a well-balanced diet.  We will work on the core of their body to include back mechanics to aid and support correct posture, movement and balance. It is also imperative that we educate clients to become more positive about life and so mindset wellness coaching is also included in the program.


q: What’s your style of teaching? 

A: I coach Human Movement, meaning I train movement first then muscle.  This ensures that clients are less likely to become injured but most importantly that they can function as a human being with better posture and strength so that they are capable of doing daily tasks efficiently.  My tag line for this is FIX BEFORE LOAD


q: We know that your family means a great deal to you. What are some of your other passions?

A: I'm passionate about anything to do with humanity; sharing kindness, love and respect for everyone no matter what your race or status.  I also have a passion for fashion and lifestyle.  I am a part-time model and my agent Skin+Pepper has been a contributor to my development and led me to become more fashion conscious.   

...I’m passionate about anything to do with humanity; sharing kindness, love and respect for everyone no matter what your race or status
— amadou koroma

q: Please share some of your long-term goals for your business?

A: A goal of mine has always been to own a high-performance training studio, where I can cater for kids, everyday individuals and athletes. My ultimate goal is to be a contributor to charity as my business grows so that I am able to add value to those who have nothing.  I'd also like to create my own AK Fitness merchandise so that my members and followers can be part of more than just fitness but also a fitness community. 


q: Tell us about some accomplishments you are most proud of

2019 – Coaches Award - Port Melbourne Football Club

2019 – Recruited as a personal trainer for a major cruise ship (declined due to business commitments)

2016 – Winner National Premier League – South Melbourne Football Club

2010 – ESS Performance Scholarship

2008 – Representing Australia for indoor soccer in Brazil