With Kemi Nekvapil

Coach, Speaker, Author
A chat with our 2018 gala dinner MC


Kemi Nekvapil

Empowering women to nourish themselves and their lives.


q: Coach, Speaker, Author.  With so many strings to your bow, how do you organise and prioritise your commitments?

a: I feel very blessed to have created a way of working that aligns with both my values and my personality. I have a very structured week around which I have created firm boundaries to protect my commitments. This also enables me to serve my clients the best way I can. I like to give 100% and boundaries allow me to do that. This structure works very well as a coach and writer. Then, as a speaker, I get the opportunity to add adventure and flexibility through travel, which I love.


q: What are you most passionate about and in what way does that passion influence how you live your life? 

a: I have many passions. They inform everything I do because they make me a happy, grateful and fulfilled person. From endurance running, to gardening, to renovating spaces, hiking, reading, cooking, writing letters… the list goes on. I have always been a ‘maker’, and that manifests itself in many ways. A few years ago, I attended a ten-day meditation retreat, and the aspect I found the hardest was not being able to create anything. I have to create. I am a much nicer mother and wife when I do!


q: You seem so happy and fulfilled but do you ever have sleepless nights?  If so, what is it that keeps you awake?

a: “Is there enough food for the children’s lunch boxes” is a regular one. “Have I set the alarm clock correctly?” is a new one. We have moved from using our phones as alarms and now have an ‘old school’ alarm clock. This morning, I did not set it correctly. Before a long training run, I am always nervous, even if I have run that distance many times. Before a race, sleep is rare. Endurance athletes know that you never sleep the night before a race. The other thought that keeps me up is, “Shall I call England or Nigeria now?”



Q: As a strong advocate of female empowerment, what do you feel is the greatest gift one woman can give to another? 

a: We need to be able to hold each other. The fear, the strength, the genius and the confusion. Backing each other to speak, to use our voices, to share our stories. Women sharing their stories is literally changing the world right now.


Q: What's the one thing you can't live without?  And just to clarify 'thing' is not a person.

a: I can’t live without meaningful connection. I also can’t live without trees, but then none of us can. 

Surround yourself with people who want you to thrive in life, and let go of the idea that we have to ‘do life’ on our own
— kemi nekvapil


Q: You have had so many successes but is there one single achievement that you feel most proud of.

a: I feel proud that I have always followed my intuition in a world where the head is lorded as supreme.


Q: Please leave us with one piece of coaching advise that you live by.

a: Surround yourself with people who want you to thrive in life, and let go of the idea that we have to ‘do life’ on our own. 


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